Abortion Recovery For Loved Ones

Abortion has a broad ripple effect. At SaveOne, we see grandmothers, siblings; even friends mourn the loss of an aborted child. Your loss is authentic and valid. However, you may not have known until years after the abortion occurred, or you may have tried to talk a son or daughter out of an abortion. Either way, there is pain and grief involved that frequently you are not allowed to deal with because abortion is cloaked in so much secrecy.

SaveOne is here to help you deal with this loss and come to terms with what happened. “SaveOne-The Ripple Effect” is for friends and loved ones of abortion survivors who are seeking a deeper understanding of the abortion issue. This study leads you through stray emotions and forgiveness issues that may arise. This is a guide as well as a workbook researched and written by our founder, who had an abortion when she was a teenager. For seven years, author Sheila Harper carried with her the shame and humiliation of her abortion, only to find deliverance through God’s abundant grace.

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