Abortion Recovery For Men

What has happened to men in our society, around the abortion issue, has been grossly overlooked. Often times men have been unfairly stereotyped, and shut out of this issue. This child in question, is just as much his, as it is hers.

What we have found at SaveOne, is that whether your past abortion experience happened because you forced it, paid for it, or begged her not to have it, the pain years later is the same. Each abortion is a loss of fatherhood that is hard to recover.

At SaveOne we recognize and understand your pain. We are here to help you, not judge you, or make you feel worse. We want to invite you back in to your child’s life and help you come to terms with what happened. We have SaveOne leaders around the world, who help men, women, and family members, by leading them through a Bible study. The SaveOne-Men’s Study is for men seeking deliverance from the pain and guilt of an abortion experience. It is a revealing look at post-abortion guilt, shame, grief, and sorrow. It will help you pinpoint the debilitating issues of forgiveness, anger, and wrong thoughts.

SaveOne will guide you toward God’s Grace and His renewal of your mind. There are men, either on our staff or leading SaveOne chapters, who are ready to help you. They want you to experience the same freedom and healing they now live every day. If you would like to join a local chapter of SaveOne, use this website to find a location near you (located at the bottom of every page). If there is not a chapter in your area, filling out the form below will notify us to join you with a male staff member or chapter leader for a one-on-one study. For additional resources and articles to read about men and abortion, you can visit the Men and Abortion Network.