Resources For Churches

With over 60 million abortions in America alone, we know that 1 out of every three women of childbearing age has experienced an abortion. There is a father attached to every one of those abortions and grieving and sometimes fragmented families. These statistics do not magically stop at the church door. The men, women, and family members hurting inside our churches are just as prevalent inside our doors as outside them.

The local church should be the first place people turn to for help, not the last. When SaveOne is offered at churches, we are seeing pastors finally have a tool to deal with the abortion issue from the pulpit using love and acceptance, not judgment and condemnation. Welcoming SaveOne as a small group study into your church, helps the congregation, as well as your local community, know your church is a safe place to deal with very real and relevant problems of today. It’s time the Church take this subject back from politics and deal with this subject in house. By offering SaveOne you are simply helping those in your congregation, in a confidential setting, find the hope and healing they need, without getting political or causing controversy.

We have studies for men, women, and family members that all mirror each other so it’s very easy to have all 3 people in the same small group dealing with the same subject every week. If you are interested in having SaveOne come to your church please fill out the form below.