Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve had an abortion. How can SaveOne help me?

SaveOne offers help for men, women, and family members/friends, through group study, online study, or answering questions and giving encouragement through self-study. We have a Bible based curriculum that was written by our founder Sheila Harper. Sheila chose abortion in 1985 for her first child and lived with mental and emotional anguish for 7 years following that choice. This book is written from her personal experience of healing after abortion. Check out “Success Stories” to see what other people are saying about the help SaveOne gave them.

How much does SaveOne cost?

Our Service is free of charge; the only cost is the price of the book.

Is there a SaveOne chapter near me?

Please follow the “Get Help” link at the top of this page to find the chapter nearest you. Then you can contact that office directly. If you don’t see one near where you live, then please email us at and we will pair you with one of our staff members to go through the study together.

Is SaveOne confidential?

We hold confidentiality as a top priority. We do not speak of your study with anyone else, unless we believe you are going to hurt yourself or someone else. Whether you are in a SaveOne group, or going through the study one-on-one, confidentiality is exercised.

How can I start a chapter of SaveOne?

Every chapter of SaveOne is required to be a part of a church, pregnancy center, prison ministry, etc. We require a governing body over each chapter for accountability. If you are interested in starting a chapter please complete the form under the "start a chapter" link and we will be in touch to get the process started.

Why would SaveOne want to help me?

Almost the entire global staff of SaveOne has chosen abortion at least once in their lives. Through this choice, and subsequent restoration this incredible staff wants to see others encounter the same healing they have experienced. When God does something so miraculous in a person’s life, it’s hard to not want others to experience it as well. If you would like to read more on the subject of abortion recovery, here are some additional websites that we believe give an honest picture of the trauma abortion causes.

How can you help men? And why do you think they need help?

For every abortion performed there is a father who has lost his fatherhood. It is a real and heartbreaking loss that affects men differently. Some men go on to never experience any ill affect and for that we’re grateful. But we believe the majority of men suffer from a loss and for years they have had no where to go, no one who would listen, and no one who would believe their grief. Because of this, we have seen men deal with anger bordering on rage, addictions to pornography, sexual problems, and skyrocketing rates of domestic violence.

Abortion isn’t the cause for all of it, but we believe it is the cause of a lot of it. We offer a men’s study which has been wildly successful here in America. The very first man to attend a SaveOne Bible study group has now founded SaveOne Europe and SaveOne China. He and his wife are currently part of the SaveOne staff. Please check out our “Get Help” area within this website and let us know if you have any problems joining a group in your area. If you would like to simply be connected with a man on our staff to go through the study via email, please contact us and we will make that happen. We will help you every step of the way.

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How can I schedule SaveOne to come to my function and speak?

Please email us at regarding your wishes, the date, and the type of function. You can also check out Sheila speaking by going to