Timothy Hall

Timothy Hall
Timothy Hall was raised in a Christian home, he comes from a long legacy as a fourth-generation Christian in his family. Timothy is an entrepreneur, singer, songwriter, and international speaker. Most importantly, he and Kristy have been married for 22 years and they have five incredible sons.

While in university, Timothy made some unwise decisions which led into a relationship that abruptly ended because of an abortion. Thankfully, God led him to a church that offered abortion recovery. In 2001, he was the first man to complete the SaveOne program. He found forgiveness, liberty from guilt and shame, and freedom from pornography. God put a strong call in his life to use his testimony to help others.

In 2004, Timothy’s job transferred him to Europe and he moved his family to Slovenia. There they saw a great need for others to find the same freedom he had found after abortion. The Halls then registered SaveOne Europe as an NGO and began starting chapters in Europe.  In 2009, they were transferred to China and started SaveOne in China, turning over the leadership of SaveOne Europe. In 2012 they moved back to the states and are currently living in Michigan. Today he and his wife Kristy, are the International Liaisons for SaveOne.
To book Timothy to speak email us at info@saveone.org.


We have known Tim and Kristy for some years now.  They love the Lord deeply, walk in integrity and have raised a Christ-honoring family.  They have a proven record of service on the mission field as well as in their local church.  Tim will prove a blessing as an inspiring and Bible-based speaker.
David Campbell
Teacher. Author. Church Founder.
Tim has amazing passion and commitment levels to what he does. His concern for others who need to hear the message of SaveOne and receive their healing from the Lord, cannot be measured.  His contribution during the SaveOne South Africa launch was appreciated by all who heard him.
Tim speaks with clarity, gentleness of spirit, eloquence, full appreciation of the subject matter, understanding of the human condition before and after healing from the effects of abortion, commendable flow of information, and a palpable love for the Lord.
I have no hesitation in endorsing him as a speaker and would wish him all the best in that role. I would also hope that the selection into the team does not mean that we will lose his input in our infant stages of development as SaveOne South Africa.  ?
Mpho Masienyane-Khauoe
SaveOne SA
I know Timothy’s passion for the vision of SaveOne and his involvement in the ministry around the world. I have seen his heart toward helping others recover from the post abortion experience. Even in our own church, our members who have received ministry from Tim and Kristy in this area, so many lives impacted and transformed by the grace of God from their efforts. 
Timothy’s experience and passion shine through in his own testimony. Any time we have an opportunity to have him share her on this topic he excels! 
Pastor Don M. Smith
Senior Pastor - Firm Foundation Ministries of Centreville Michigan