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Because of SaveOne I now feel like I want to help others to have the complete healing like I have experienced. No matter if it is one, two, or more, that sea of forgetfulness is big enough for them all.


We are here to teach tomorrow’s children through our experience, and God’s merciful grace. We are the missing arms of love, the missing voice of truth. It doesn’t matter when we learned it or how long it took us to get to the place of today. Tomorrow’s children are on their way here.


The shame that once nearly drowned me on a daily basis is now a calm, clear sea. A sea of new sense of self, losing and letting go of my pride and believing that God is definitely going to use my past sins to His glory.


SaveOne Bible study has opened my eyes and heart to see the real me. The me I hid for 30 years. I had a secret that I asked God to forgive me for. I thought everything was fine. I still kept my secret to myself, not even my kids knew. Through this Bible study I now realize I don’t have to be bound by this secret. I am free now to tell others something I have known my whole life and that God forgives. This was taught to me in a whole new way that now I can accept it deep within my heart


As I look back and think about nearly two decades of keeping my secret all to myself, and the baggage of shame and anxiety and anger at self that I carried around, I can only wish that I would have let it go much earlier. this would have saved me and others alot of heartache and grief.


Dear God I am so glad that you had me contact SaveOne, that they sent me this study guide and that I worked on it on a regular basis and actually completed it! Thank you that my first child now has a name and a face and that I can remember him and honor him with my thoughts, prayers, and actions.


What I learned in SaveOne—It’s an infusion of truth in to darkness; it’s okay to be forgiven and let go of the guilt; that shame statements are lies from satan. If I can’t back them up from the bible, then THEY AREN”T TRUE!; to forgive all the people involved in my abortion decision. Only God is perfect and will never disappoint; God cast my sin behind his back and will remember it no more; I have to renew my mind; my daughter is in heaven with Jesus and He is taking care of her until I can get there; God values the life of my daughter; God is calling me to help others.


When I helped make the decision to abort our child, I thought our problem was solved. “out of sight out of mind” was my way of dealing with the thoughts that kept festering inside me. I heard about SaveOne at my church and thought I would give it a try. I’m grateful to SaveOne for helping me clean up my messes and now I’m proud to tell everyone what God did in my life.


I didn’t think there was anyone else in the church dealing with this issue besides me. I thought it was here to haunt me for the rest of my life but I was wrong. The class was full of women going through it just like me. SaveOne was truly a blessing for me and my family.


SaveOne told me I didn’t have to deal with this memory alone anymore. The hardest thing I had to do was let the ladies of SaveOne love me. They showed me how to accept and give forgiveness. This, you may think is the end of the story; but I promise you it is really by the Grace of God, only beginning. With the help of SaveOne I now am One Saved.


I was my own prisoner.


I never dreamed a procedure that took only thirty minutes would lead me into thirty years of self-destruction. I was in a tunnel of darkness, but SaveOne taught me that God would give me light and life.


I felt I deserved death because I had more than one abortion. SaveOne cared and taught me that God loved me unconditionally in spite of my past.



A longtime dream of mine is finally reality. No more dreaming. It’s here! We have so many incredible stories of freedom and restoration through Jesus, from men, women, and families who have been through the SaveOne program. The public needs to hear these stories of the TRUTH behind the abortion issue. These are real people, telling their raw stories, and their journey to victory.

Thank you Sonya Wiley for your tremendous courage to step forward and be counted as a Truth Teller! Be looking for Episode two next month!

Sonya Wiley


At SaveOne we have been aware for years that abortion is not just a woman’s issue. Men have courageously come forward to deal with their past. The situation you were in could have been from begging her not to have the abortion, to flippantly paying for several. Regardless of the circumstances, years later the pain is still the same.

Abortion is a loss of fatherhood that is a very real pain. Listen to this wounded father as he tells his story.

Thank you Timothy Hall for your tremendous courage to step forward and be counted as a Truth Teller! Be looking for Episode three next month!

Timothy Hall