No little girl dreams of growing up some day and having an abortion. We can guess that you probably didn’t either. But yet, you find yourself now, dealing with the pain abortion has left you with.

Resources For Women


What has happened to men in our society, around the abortion issue, has been grossly overlooked. Often times men have been unfairly stereotyped, and shut out of this debate. This child in question is just as much his as it is hers.

Resources For Men


At SaveOne, we see grandmothers, siblings, even friends mourn the loss of an aborted child. Your loss is real and valid.

Resources For Loved Ones


The local church should be the first place people turn to for help, not the last. When SaveOne is offered at churches, we are seeing pastors finally have a tool to deal with the abortion issue from the pulpit using love and acceptance, not judgment and condemnation.

Resources For Churches

Start A Chapter. Impact Your Community.

Interested in starting a SaveOne Chapter in your area? We make it easy as possible with our proven tools and systems. There are many added benefits to becoming a chapter, like free advertising, access to your own personal staff member for questions and prayer, free and downloadable chapter tools, plus much more.